Friday, June 24, 2011

Ministry Opportunities


When I preach from the Revised Common Lectionary, my intent is to listen with the congregation for the voice of God speaking into present circumstances.

I also preach from texts and themes chosen for the season or occasion that open our inner ears to hear from God.


Whether working from a prepared curriculum, studying a Bible book or passage or exploring faith questions, I blend presentation of content with group interaction to draw people into Scripture to be shaped and nurtured toward intimate congruence with Christ.


A day or a weekend away from the routine can work wonders in personal refreshment, spiritual renewal, discernment and decision making, relationship and team building. Good retreats bring together biblical substance with guided interaction and unhurried time for reflection.

I have experience in designing and guiding retreats for church leaders, small groups, young adults and clergy.

Spiritual Direction

The classic art of spiritual direction is done in conversation of intense listening for God in the spaces and silences of life. These conversations usually take place one-on-one but may happen in groups.


I once heard Eugene Peterson say that a pastor’s job is to waste time with God and waste time with God’s people. So as a pastor I am interested in whatever is a concern to God or to God’s people. While that could cover everything in life, I have focused on certain emphases that may suggest something of particular value to you.

· Christian Spirituality for Beginners: satisfying spiritual hunger on the journey with Jesus

· Starting to Pray: learning to pray from Jesus and the psalmists

· The Art of Holy Reading: extracting maximum nutrition from the Bible through Lectio Divina

· Tools from St. Benedict: commitment, schedule and planning build enduring spirituality

· Spiritual Workouts with St. Ignatius: four steps to intentional spiritual development – receiving forgiveness, intimate love, beneficial suffering, joyful resurrection

· Praying through the Rhythm of Your Day: how daily routines can trigger balanced prayer, drawing on the monastic hours for prayer

· Prayer Stretch: the prayers of the psalmists and the apostles expand and extend our prayers

· Varieties of Spiritual Leadership: models from Hebrew prophets, priests, kings – Jesus and the apostles – historical saints and modern mentors


Every situation and every congregation is unique and in some way special. If you think I can be of service to your congregation but what you find here doesn’t quite seem to fit, please call me, so we can work something out together.

I generally need at least two weeks notice to prepare for preaching, teaching or retreats. Last minute fill-ins are possible but will come out of my files rather than be specially developed for you.

Similarly, the suggested honoraria are flexible but account for the time and effort I put into preparation and presentation. Mileage reimbursement at the standard IRS rate also should be included, as well as meals and lodging if travel and overnight stays are involved.

· Preaching (typically 20-25 minutes)

o $200 for one service

o $50 for each additional service the same weekend

· Teaching

o $200 for one class, session, study or lesson

o $150 if combined with preaching

· Retreats

o $250 for half-day

o $400 for full day

o $600 for overnight

o $750 for two nights

· Spiritual Direction (typically 1½ hours)

o $50 for individual - $10 additional for each person in group (maximum group six)